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Mistake No. 2: Overplucking Your Eyebrow

In order to get the 'perfect brow shape' most women over pluck their eyebrows and force a shape on them. There is no such thing as the perfect brow shape as the best brow shape is the one suited for your face and flows with your natural brow shape.

"The perfect makeover starts with beautiful well defined eyebrows."

If you tweeze your brows too thin they will look odd, unnatural and out of place. So just stick with cleaning up the area around your brows and follow their natural arch for your best shape. While you do want to tame overgrown brows, you don't want to tweeze too much, so head to a professional to get an ideal shape.

Once you have your brows in an appropriate shape, all you have to do is fill in your brows with an eyebrow filler for easy, soft, natural looking brows. Naturally the brows are supposed to be light to medium brown therefore colours such as red, burgundy, black and wine are a totally no no for the brows. You should keep that in mind when choosing the right color to fill in your brows with. If your brows are quite dark, you can try mixing a light brown and dark brown shade to fill in the brows.

Hope you find these tips helpful; Feel free to leave your comments, questions, enquiries and suggestions. Thank You!

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